Secure your boot process part 2: Fedora and Unified Kernel images made easy with Dracut

As you may notice, this is almost a part 2 of my Secure your boot process: UEFI + Secureboot + EFISTUB + Luks2 + lvm + ArchLinux. Except that here i’ll not talk about all the secureboot stuff that i’ve already ran into on my last blogpost. This one is specifically focused on how to achieve the same setup using Fedora.

This blogpost compiles my personal opinions around using bootloaders on EFI environments so, the classic “opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer” applies.

PRIME and battery usage: sometimes it's not what it seems to be

PRIME is a technology used to manage hybrid graphics. It was meant to be a resource saver since you can configure it to use only the Integrated GPU, and render offload to the dedicated GPU whenever is needed. But that is not what happened in my real life situation.

Secure your boot process: UEFI + Secureboot + EFISTUB + Luks2 + lvm + ArchLinux

This tutorial isn’t a basic setup how-to in a way you will learn how to install Arch Linux, neither is intended to replace the Installation Guide, This is a guide for those who want a laptop with data-at-rest encryption and a verified boot process using SecureBoot.

I’ll not be arrogant saying that this setup is “tampering-proof” since this also depends on your firmware manufacturer, but I believe that this is a notebook setup with good enough security.

DNS and Geopolicy: Sometimes, you need to go back to basics

There comes a time in life where you enable a high-level protection in your firewall, but you somehow forget the basics and that is where the problem lives..

Useful Zimbra mailbox management Tips and Tricks

These are some of the commands I use most, or, zimbra commands that were relevant to a very specific goal and i had to document them to avoid losing them :)

Creating a site-to-site VPN with dynamic internet IP addresses with OPNSense - part01

How to create a good Mate

Yeah, you are not misreading it. I’m not talking about this Mate. I’m talking about this one ;)

Making a decent chimarrão(mate) is essential to keep you hydrated during the cold winter, and making a not clogged chimarrão is pure art.